counseling for children and adolescents

I have been working with children in a clinical setting since 2008. When working with younger children, I prefer to use directional and non-directional play therapy interventions. The games utilized in session are specifically designed to assist the child in dealing with whatever has brought them into therapy and to help them move forward from those issues.

I have receiving specialized training in both the use of play therapy interventions as well as sand-tray therapy, which are two of the main child centered approaches. For adolescents, my approach is less centered on play therapy and more centered on building a positive relationship while helping them address the things they would like to change in their life. But a large part of working with children and adolescents is working with the parents. I prefer to work closely with the parents to help them shape positive changes in their child’s lives. Parenting is THE most difficulty job that a person can ever hold and I work to give parents all the tools that they can use to help make that job a little easier.

Enlisting the assistance of a therapist can be helpful in dealing with the following common concerns:

• Behavior Problems
• Grief/Loss
• Trauma
• Abuse
• Self Harming Behavior
• Mental Health Issues
• Poor School Performance
• Divorce and Blended Families
• Teaching Coping Skills